$Free shipping on $35+
$Free shipping on $35+

Why Shop With Us?

1. Great Prices

We have worked in the retail industry for over 15 years and know exactly when and where to find all of the great deals. We work hard to get the deals so you don't have to. We usually buy below wholesale and are proud to pass the savings on to you. 

2. First Quality Merchandise

All of our products are purchased from national US retailers or sourced directly from the manufacturer or respected distributors. This means you can buy with confidence as your item is a first quality product not remanufactured, refurbished (unless specifically stated) or gray market. All USA warranties apply. 

3. Fast Shipment

We have found that a customer who receives their item fast is usually a happy customer. That's why if your item is ordered and paid for by 5pm EST, 95% of our orders will ship the next business day. In fact, if you order by 5pm EST and your item is not shipped within two business days, your shipping is 50% off! (Please see below for details) Need it even faster? 

4. Discounted Shipping Insurance

We have had great luck with the USPS, but on occasion issues do arise which are only covered by shipping insurance (i.e. items which are lost or damaged in shipping). We want to make sure that on the rare occasion one of these issues do arise you are not unhappy with your experience with us. That is why we will cover part of the cost of USPS insurance for you! 

5. Shipment Confirmation and Tracking on all Domestic Orders

We will send you an email when your item is shipped (for both Domestic and International). All orders will include a tracking number so you can check the status of your shipment (at either USPS.com or FedEx.com depending on the selected method of shipment). 

6. Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be satisfied with your product. Just let us know within 30 days of confirmed shipment of the order and you can return it in new condition in the box for a full refund on your item purchase price. Please note, buyer is responsible for shipping and must include all contents of the item. 

7. Premium Service

We answer emails promptly, we package our items carefully and in all cases we try to see things from our customer's viewpoint. Have a question? We are always just an email away! Simply click here to send us an email. 

We do all of the above because we want to not only earn your business this time, but each time you sign in!

*Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Only exclusion is if we are unable to ship because we are waiting to hear back from you on a critical piece of information such as correcting an address or if your item came with a choice of colors or accessories.